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Tips for choosing your Real Estate agent in Devonport

You should find local Real estate agents and find out the following information:-

What type of property the Real estate agent specialises in.

The reputation of the local Real estate agents and their experience if possible.

How much the Real estate agent will charge.

Real estate agents must comply with laws that protect consumers from unfair sales and marketing practices. 

Real Estate agents’ charges

Most Real estate agents calculate their fees as a percentage of the final selling price of the property. This varies between 2-4% depending on the sale price and is known as the rate of commission (see our Commission page for comparison breakdown, of how much you could Save)  

You should check if you have to pay extra or the following are included in this fee:

advertising costs; website listings, print, flyers, open homes.

costs of preparing details of the house including photographs.

a ‘for sale’ sign.

Title search.


The real estate agent must confirm the charges and rate of commission that will be made. The Real  estate agent must do this when they agree to act for you.

Selling Simply charges a Fixed Fee Commission of $17,900 + GST 

this includes TradeMe, realestate.co.nz, exclusive Signage with pictures of the property, Colour Flyers, Title search and Open Homes.