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Tips for Selling your Property

Preparing your property For Sale

Ask your Real Estate Agent for their guidance on improving your homes presentation during the Appraisal process, this can give you a good feel for how well you could work together too!

Pack everything you don’t need into storage containers and store it offsite or if you have too, stack neatly in the garage or shed; floor-to-ceiling using the smallest possible footprint.

Bin it if it’s not moving with you or better yet take it to the local Re-cycling centre!

Spring clean Walls, windows, ceilings, architraves, furnishings, under furniture. Everything & everywhere, especially kitchens and bathrooms – put that Exit Mould to work!  If you don’t have time, but you have the funds consider hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of it all for you (be sure to make a thorough list for them!)

Paint a fresh coat on neutral walls, ceilings, skirtings & architraves.  Consider repainting unconventional colours with neutrals.  Spruce-up worn cabinetry with a fresh coat of the same colour.

Repair and maintenance. Repair or replace any broken, scruffy or outdated hardware throughout your home, Kitchen, Bathroom, Doors, Windows, Hinges, Door stops.

Lighting.  The lights will be on during Advertising photos and Open Homes so replace any light fixtures that need a fresher look. Install bulbs with the appropriate lighting for specific areas;  Ambient, low-key lighting for Lounge and Dining, directional lighting for Reading areas or a Study.  Highlight focal points in a room with accent lighting, attract attention to your homes features.

First impressions. Make your front door visible, accessible and welcoming to buyers. Ensure maintenance is all up to date, add Pot plants or colourful annuals and perennials to attract attention from the street. Buy a nice new doormat, buyers will spend time here removing their shoes!

Out the back or front.  Keep your Outdoor area looking spacious and functional. Freshen up the garden with flowering Plants or Tubs on a Deck and keep the landscaping trimmed, lawns mowed, paths & deck swept.  If you have pets ensure its Poo free (check the garden for smells!)  This is where your buyers will want to spend time 😊

All done?  Excellent!  Now sit back, relax and enjoy your home.

Selling Simply - how to achieve the Best price with less Stress and Cost!

Preparing your Property For Sale

Preparing your Property For Sale