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Tips for Selling your Property

Ask your Real Estate Agent for their guidance on improving your homes presentation during the Appraisal process, this can give you a good feel for how well you could work together too! Pack everything you don’t need into storage containers and store it offsite or if you have too, stack neatly in the garage or shed; floor-to-ceiling using the smallest possible footprint. Bin it if it’s not moving with you or better yet take it to the local Re-cycling centre! Spring clean Walls, windows, ceil...

March 10, 2019

Tips for choosing your Real Estate agent in Devonport

You should find local Real estate agents and find out the following information:- What type of property the Real estate agent specialises in. The reputation of the local Real estate agents and their experience if possible. How much the Real estate agent will charge. Real estate agents must comply with laws that protect consumers from unfair sales and marketing practices.  Real Estate agents’ charges Most Real estate agents calculate their fees as a percentage of the final selling price of...

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